Chapter 1. ProDev WorkShop Overview

Welcome to the ProDev WorkShop group of tools, a major part of the ProDev software development environment. ProDev WorkShop is a software toolset for the development of C, C++, Fortran 77, Fortran 90, and Ada applications. These powerful, highly visual tools help you understand your program's structure and operation so that you can diagnose difficult, traditionally time-consuming problems in a short amount of time. With these tools, you can develop applications for the entire SGI product line, from Indy workstations to Origin2000 supercomputers.

The ProDev WorkShop toolset has the following functionality:

Note: In addition to the ProDev WorkShop tools, you can separately purchase ProDev WorkShop ProMP, which is a visual code parallelization tool used with the Power Fortran Accelerator to help you balance parallel loops in Fortran applications.

This document gives you an overview of the ProDev WorkShop tools as well as pointers to the documentation for getting detailed information. The book is organized as follows: