This document contains information important to localization vendors who translate existing Silicon Graphics documentation into different languages. Most of the information in this document can be found in other Silicon Graphics manuals that describe how to create a documentation. Where appropriate, this guide points the vendor to those locations for further information.

Although this book's primary focus is online documentation, some hard copy issues will be discussed as well. Hard-copy production is occasionally required for a translated document; some procedures that are irrelevant for online books must be followed in order to accommodate these situations.

This document includes the following chapters:

Please call your Silicon Graphics contact if you have questions or need additional information on the procedures described in this book. Any errors, omissions, clarifications and requests for enhancements can be directed to [email protected].

Conventions Used in This Guide

These type conventions and symbols are used in this guide:

Helvetica Bold  

Hardware labels


Command monitor commands, filenames, IRIX commands, manual/book titles, onscreen button names, program variables, tools, utilities, variable command-line arguments, and variables to be supplied by the user in examples


(Lowercase italic ns) Placeholders for the version number in the part number: 007-1234-nnn.

Fixed-width type 

Error messages, prompts, and onscreen text

Bold fixed-width type 

User input, including keyboard keys (printing and nonprinting); literals supplied by the user in examples


(Right angle bracket) Cascading menu(s); indicates a path of menu, submenu, and menu item


IRIX shell prompt for the superuser (root)


IRIX shell prompt for users other than superuser