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Figure 1-1. Localization Project Schedule with Dependencies
Figure 1-2. Document File Process: FrameMaker File to DynaText Book
Figure 1-3. Hard Copy Process
Figure 2-1. Typical Silicon Graphics Working Directory
Figure 3-1. Dummy Figure Title Using FigTitle Paragraph Tag
Figure 4-1. Example of a Link That Cannot Be Followed
Figure 4-2. Diagram of Cross Reference Targets
Figure 4-3. Figure without a Cross Reference Target Marker
Figure 4-4. Figure with a Cross Reference Target Marker
Figure 5-1. Files Produced During the make Process
Figure 6-1. FrameMaker Example Document File
Figure 6-2. SGML Opening and Closing Tags
Figure 8-1. Standard Flow for Help
Figure 8-2. A Help Topic and its Corresponding Heading
Figure 8-3. Desktop Arrangement for Testing Help Books
Figure 8-4. Quick Answers Test Setup
Figure 8-5. ErrorHelp Test Setup
Figure 8-6. IRIS InSight Help Test Setup
Figure 8-7. SGI Help Test Setup