Silicon Graphics® WorldView Books  Production Guide

Document Number: 007-3571-001

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

Conventions Used in This Guide

1. Overview
Roles of Localization and Technical Publications Production
Project Milestones
Vendor Kits
Project Files
IRIS InSight Professional Publisher Templates
Online and Printed Documents
Document and Directory Part Numbers
Standard Silicon Graphics Bookshelves
Guidelines for Translators
Reference Materials

2. Bookbuild Tools
Required Software Packages
Installing Software Packages
Setting Up the Workarea
Prod toolroot Contents
Removing ROOT and TOOLROOT

3. Using FrameMaker Files and IPTemplate Features
Tagging FrameMaker Files
Using Conditional Text
Creating Online Links
Creating Index Entries
Creating Tables
Working With Figures

4. External Cross References and Multiple Link Targets
Creating Cross-Reference Links to Other Books
Determining If a Book Has External Book References
Testing External Cross-References
Multiple Cross Reference Targets

5. Building Online Books
Editing the Makefile
Files and Directories Generated by make
Arguments to the make Command
Choosing a make Command Argument
Building the Localized Book
If make Doesn't Work
make book Error Messages

6. Debugging Bookbuild Errors
About Error Messages
Error Files
About SGML
Checking the .full File
Finding and Fixing Errors

7. Testing Online Books
Viewing and Testing an Uninstalled Book
Installing a Localized Book for Testing
Preparing for Comparative Testing
Testing an Installed Book

8. Testing Help Books
Overview of Help
Testing Procedures for Online Help

9. Preparing Files for Handoff to Silicon Graphics
Naming Conventions
PostScript Files
Tarring Files
Compressing Files
First Handoff
Second Handoff
Final Handoff

10. Transferring Files Using FTP
Instructions for Downloading Files
Instructions for Uploading Files

11. Reporting Bugs
Addressing the E-mail
Subject Field
Message Contents

A. Rules to Follow When Using the Templates

B. Building and Testing HTML Books
Building an HTML Book
Installing an HTML Book
Testing an HTML Book