Chapter 9. DVB-ASI
Time-Delay Server

VST includes an HDTV time-delay server feature that allows you to pause or stop a compressed MPEG-2 transport stream. This feature works in conjunction with the Viewgraphics Dynamo MediaPump DVB-ASI PCI card.

VST can record a DVB-ASI stream for a predefined length of time. You provide a time delay (expansion) in the output stream with a MVCP STOP command, or by a STOP-CUE-PLAY sequence. For example:

CUE unit in-point
@time PLAY unit 

VST finds the closest possible position before the in point you specify, and starts playing. If the position VST finds is five frames before the in point, play starts five frames before the specified time. Thus the correct frame for the specified time plays.

When the output stream is stopped, it can be cued accurately to continue the playout. Content can be inserted locally, downstream of the decoder.