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Table 1. Typographical Conventions
Table 1-1. CASE Message Protocol
Table 1-2. CAD Message Protocol
Table 1-3. ttsession Parameters
Table 1-4. Location of ToolTalk Service Files
Table 2-1. Functions for Registering with ToolTalk Service
Table 2-2. Code Used to Watch for Arriving Messages
Table 3-1. ToolTalk Message Pattern Attributes
Table 3-2. ToolTalk Dynamic Message Pattern Attributes
Table 3-3. ToolTalk Functions for Joining Default Sessions
Table 3-4. ToolTalk Functions for Joining Files of Interest
Table 4-1. ToolTalk Static Message Pattern Attributes
Table 5-1. ToolTalk Message Attributes
Table 5-2. Functions Used to Create and Complete Messages
Table 6-1. Function to Examine Message Attributes
Table 6-2. Functions to Reply to Requests
Table 6-3. Rejecting or Failing Requests
Table 7-1. Functions to Create
Table 7-2. Functions to Maintain Object Specifications
Table 7-3. Functions to Copy, Move, or Remove Files that Contain Object Data
Table 7-4. ToolTalk-Wrapped Shell Commands
Table 8-1. Managing TiilTalk Storage
Table 9-1. Retrieving ToolTalk Error Status
Table 9-2. ToolTalk Error Macros
Table A-1. ToolTalk API Summary (Alphabetical)
Table A-2. ToolTalk Macros
Table B-1. Initializing and Registering with the ToolTalk Service
Table B-2. Creating, Filling In, Registering, and Destrouing Message Patterns
Table B-3. Expressing Interest in Sessions
Table B-4. Managing Session Information
Table B-5. Expressing Interest in Files
Table B-6. Creating Messages
Table B-7. Filling In Messages and Replies
Table B-8. Examining Messages
Table B-9. Sending and Destroying Messages
Table B-10. Receiving, Replying to, Rejecting, and Destroying Messages
Table B-11. Creating, Moving, and Destroying Objects
Table B-12. Using ToolTalk Storage
Table B-13. Examining Object Type Information
Table B-14. Managing ToolTalk Storage
Table B-15. Retrieving ToolTalk Error Information
Table B-16. Encoding Error Values
Table B-17. Leaving the ToolTalk Session
Table B-18. ToolTalk Error Handling Errors
Table D-1. ToolTalk Error and Warning Message Identifiers