Appendix C. Initialization Error Messages

The following ToolTalk error messages can occur either when the ToolTalk service, or an application that uses the ToolTalk service, is attempting to start up.

/bin/sh: application_name: not found  

The start string as installed in the types database does not correspond to an executable file in $PATH.

To start the application:

First, ask your user to start the application as he or she would start it without the ToolTalk service.

After the application has started, ask your user to retry the operation that should have started the application with the ToolTalk service.

Cannot open display 

ttsession could not contact the server named with the -d display option or the $DISPLAY variable.

To open the display:

Verify that the named display is running. (See the X(1) man page.)

Verify that the host on which you are running ttsession has permission to connect to it. (See the X(1), xhost(1), and xauth(1) man pages.