SGITCL Programmer's Guide

Document Number: 007-3224-001

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
What This Guide Contains
Intended Audience
Additional Reading
Internet Resources for Tcl
Conventions Used in This Guide

1. What Tcl Offers
Overview of Components
Tcl Versions Used
Installing SGITCL

2. Common Tcl Extensions
Tcl—Tool Command Language
TclX—General Purpose Extensions
Tk—User Interface Toolkit
Tm—Tcl Motif
Expect—Remote Control
Expectk—Remote Control Tk
wishx—Windowing Shell
moat—Motif and Tcl Shell
incrTcl—Object-Oriented Tcl
Oratcl and Sybtcl—Database Access
GLXaux and glxwin

3. Custom SGITCL Extensions
tclObjSrv—for Objectserver
rstat—Kernel Statistics
sautil—for Network Maps
SNMP—Simple Network Management
wwwHelp—Web Browser Help
sgiHelp—ViewKit Help
Support for Silicon Graphics Widgets

4. Using Tcl Motif
Tcl Toolkits
Getting Started
Enhanced Motif Style
Widget Basics
Actions and Translations
Base Classes
Basic Widgets
Manager Widgets
Drag and Drop
Send Primitive
More Widgets

A. Extending Tcl
Installing Header Files
C++ Classes and Tcl
Finding Existing Extensions
Creating a Shared Library