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Example 3-1. Initiating Gang Scheduling
Example 3-2. Setting the Time-Slice Length
Example 3-3. Setting the Clock CPU
Example 3-4. Number of Processors Available and Total
Example 3-5. Restricting a CPU
Example 3-6. Assigning the Calling Process to a CPU
Example 3-7. Making a CPU nonpreemptive
Example 4-1. Skeleton of an Activity Process
Example 4-2. Alternate Skeleton of Activity Process
Example 4-3. Function to Set INJECTFRAME Exception Policy
Example 4-4. Function to Set STRETCH Exception Policy
Example 4-5. Function to Return a Sum of Exception Counts
Example 4-6. Function to Set Frame Scheduler Signals
Example 4-7. Minimal Activity Process as a Timer
Example 4-8. Exporting Device Driver Entry Points
Example 4-9. Device Driver Initialization Function
Example 4-10. Device Driver Termination Function
Example 4-11. Generating an Interrupt From a Device Driver
Example 5-1. Initializing Asynchronous I/O
Example 5-2. Polling for Asynchronous Completion
Example 5-3. Set of Functions to Schedule Asynchronous I/O
Example 5-4. Function to create a real-time file
Example A-1. Asynchronous I/O Example Program