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Example 2-1. Simple Parallel Loop
Example 2-2. Serial Loop
Example 2-3. Fused Loop
Example 2-4. Eliminated Loop
Example 2-5. Unparallelizable Carried Data Dependence
Example 2-6. Parallelizable Carried Data Dependence
Example 2-7. Multi-line Data Dependence
Example 2-8. Reduction
Example 2-9. Input/Output Operation
Example 2-10. Unstructured Control Flow
Example 2-11. Unparallelizable Loop With Subroutine Call
Example 2-12. Parallelizable Loop With Subroutine Call
Example 2-13. Unparallelizable Loop With Permutation Vector
Example 2-14. Parallelizable Loop With Permutation Vector
Example 2-15. Doubly Nested Loop
Example 2-16. Interchanged Doubly Nested Loop
Example 2-17. Triply Nested Loop With Interchange
Example 2-18. Explicitly Parallelized Loop Using C$OMP DO
Example 2-19. Loops Using C$OMP BARRIER
Example 2-20. Critical Section Using C$OMP CRITICAL
Example 2-21. Single-Process Section Using C$OMP SINGLE
Example 2-22. Parallel Sections Using C$OMP SECTIONS
Example 2-23. Distributed Array Using C$SGI DISTRIBUTE
Example 2-24. Distributed and Reshaped Array Using C$SGI DISTRIBUTE_RESHAPE
Example 2-25. Prefetching Data From Cache Using C*$* PREFETCH_REF
Example A-1. Explicitly Parallelized Loop Using C$PAR PDO
Example A-2. Loops Using C$PAR BARRIER
Example A-3. Critical Section Using C$PAR CRITICAL SECTION
Example A-4. Single-Process Section Using C$PAR SINGLE PROCESS
Example A-5. Parallel Section Using C$PAR PSECTIONS