IRIS Power C User's Guide

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
What Is IRIS Power C?
What Is the IRIS Power C Analyzer?
Document Overview
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Reference Material
Style Conventions

1. Compiling with IRIS Power C
Compiler Command-Line Syntax
Generating a Listing File
Generating mp Source and Listing Files
Passing Options to PCA

2. How to Use IRIS Power C
Compiling Programs with PCA
Using PCA to Run Programs in Parallel

3. PCA Command-Line Options
pca Command-Line Syntax
Concurrentization Options
Optimization Options
Input-Output Options
Listing Options
Memory Management Options
Invariant IF Floating Options
Command Line Options for Portability

4. Power C Analyzer Directives
#pragma serial
#pragma concurrent
#pragma concurrent call
#pragma set chunksize, #pragma set numthreads, and #pragma set schedtype
#pragma no side effects
#pragma arl
#pragma distinct
#pragma inline and #pragma ipa
Memory Management pragmas
Parallelizing Loops that Deal with Linked Lists

5. Multiprocessing C Compiler Directives
Why Use Parallel Regions?
Parallel Regions
The lock Clause

6. PCA Transformations
Loop Concurrentization
Loop Reordering
Scalar Optimizations
Loop Rerolling
Loop Unrolling
Loop Fusion
Memory Management for Data Locality

7. In-lining and Interprocedural Analysis
In-lining and IPA Command-Line Options
In-lining Pragmas
Listing File Additions
In-lining/IPA Examples
Conditions That Inhibit In-lining

8. The PCA Listing
Syntax Error/Warning Messages

A. Improving PCA Performance

B. Data-Dependence Analysis
Varieties of Data Dependence
Input and Output Sets
Data-Dependence Relations
Data-Dependence Direction Vectors
Loop-Carried Dependence
Data-Dependence Example

C. Run Time Environment Variables