Performance Co-Pilot™ Programmer's Guide

Document Number: 007-3434-003

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
Intended Audience
What This Guide Contains
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1. Programming Performance Co-Pilot
Performance Co-Pilot Architecture
PMDA Development
Client Development and PMAPI
Library Re-entrancy and Threaded Applications

2. Writing a PMDA
Implementing a PMDA
PMDA Architecture
Domains, Metrics, and Instances
Other Issues
DSO Interface
Initializing a PMDA
Testing and Debugging a PMDA
Integration of PMDA

3. PMAPI—The Performance Metrics API
Naming and Identifying Performance Metrics
Performance Metric Instances
Current PMAPI Context
Performance Metric Descriptions
Performance Metrics Values
General Issues of PMAPI Programming Style and Interaction
PMAPI Procedural Interface
PMAPI Ancillary Support Services
PMAPI Programming Issues and Examples

4. Trace PMDA
Performance Instrumentation and Tracing
Trace PMDA Design
The Trace API
Instrumenting Applications to Export Performance Data

A. Acronyms