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Table 3-1. Mandatory LCP Attributes
Table 3-2. Element Map Components
Table 3-3. Three Cases of eject
Table 3-4. Three Cases of OpenPort
Table 4-1. ALI and ALI/R Lexical Library Routines
Table 4-2. Predefined Cartridge Form Factor Tokens
Table 4-3. Predefined Attribute Name Tokens (LCP)
Table 5-1. Mandatory DCP Attributes
Table 6-1. ADI and ADI/R Lexical Library Routines
Table 6-2. Predefined mount Tokens
Table 6-3. Predefined Bit Format Tokens
Table 6-4. Predefined Media Type Tokens
Table 6-5. Predefined Partition Name Tokens
Table 6-6. Predefined Attribute Name Tokens (DCP)
Table B-1. Ready State Transitions
Table C-1. ALI Language Syntax
Table C-2. ALI/R Language Syntax
Table C-3. ADI Language Syntax
Table C-4. ADI/R Language Syntax