About This Guide

This guide describes IRIS® SX.25 for programmers. It describes the Network Layer Interface (NLI), which the programmer can use to access the X.25 Packet Layer Protocol (PLP) driver. It is assumed that the programmer is familiar with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 8208, X.25 Packet Level Protocol for Data Terminal Equipment.

This guide has the following chapters:

Chapter 1, “Introduction to NLI” 

provides a brief overview of the Network Layer Interface and a glossary of terms. This section also lists the include files that a programmer needs.

Chapter 2, “Data Structures” 

details the function and use of the data structures used across the NLI for addressing, quality of service and facility negotiation.

Chapter 3, “Listens” 

shows how to set up an application to listen for incoming calls.

Chapter 4, “NLI Message Primitives” 

describes the interface message formats and parameters that the X.25 driver supports.

Chapter 5, “Programming Examples” 

provides programming examples using the NLI.

This guide should be used in conjunction with STREAMS Modules and Drivers, UNIX® SVR4.2, UNIX Press, 1992.

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The IRIS SX.25 reference pages (manual pages) describe all the programs, application utilities, and system files available to programmers, users, and the system administrator.