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Table 1-1. Power Fortran Assertions and Their Duration
Table 2-1. Power Fortran Command-Line Options
Table 3-1. Listing File Include Options
Table 3-2. Listing File Message Disabling Options
Table 3-3. Listing File DO Loop Delimiters
Table 3-4. Power Fortran Action Abbreviations
Table 5-1. Optimization Options
Table 5-2. Vector Intrinsic Function Names
Table 5-3. Recommended Cache Option Settings
Table 6-1. Inlining and IPA Options
Table 6-2. Inlining and IPA Search Command-Line Options
Table 6-3. Filename Extensions
Table 7-1. Directives Summary
Table 7-2. Assertions and Their Duration
Table A-1. concurrentize Option
Table A-2. limit Option
Table A-3. lines Option
Table A-4. listoptions Option
Table A-5. minconcurrent Option
Table A-6. noconcurrentize Option
Table A-7. noparallelio Option
Table A-8. parallelio Option
Table A-9. sopt Option
Table A-10. suppress Option