Molecular Inventor Programmer's Guide

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Table of Contents

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What This Guide Contains
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1. Overview of Molecular Inventor
Open Inventor Basics
Molecular Inventor Basics
The Molecular Inventor Development Kit
Included Tools
What You Need to Build Molecular Inventor Applications
Looking at a Sample Molecular Inventor Application

2. Writing Your First Molecular Inventor Application
Molecular Inventor Scene Graph Requirements
Writing a Simple Molecular Inventor Application
helloMI Code Example
Using MI Nodes Within Inventor Files
Writing More Robust Molecular Inventor Applications

3. Supplying Chemical System Data
Deriving a Data Node
Exploring ChemData.h
Exploring ChemData.c++
The Entire ChemData.c++ Source

4. Controlling the Display Parameters
Controlling the Color of Atoms, Bonds, and Labels
Controlling the Atom Radii
Changing Display Parameters
Using ChemUI

5. Rendering Chemical System Data
Rendering the Chemical System Data

6. Selection Mechanisms
Using ChemDetail
Understanding the ChemSelection Node
Understanding Selection Lists
Interactive Selection Mechanisms
Setting the Interactive Selection Parameters
Specifying Selections Programmatically
Using Callback Methods

7. Isosurfaces and 3D Contouring
Using ChemLattice3
Creating an Instance of ChemLattice3
Using ChemContour
Using ChemContour2
Using ChemIso

8. Advanced Programming Topics
Printing A Scene Graph
Using the X Clipboard
Using the Selection List
Filling ChemData Fields Quickly