MIPSpro 64-Bit Porting and Transition Guide

Document Number: 007-2391-006

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

1. 64-bit ABI and Compiler Overview
64-bit ABI Overview
Compiler System Components
Interprocedural Analysis (IPA)
Loop Nest Optimizer (LNO)
MIPSpro Auto-Parallelizing Option
Multiprocessing Support

2. Language Implementation Differences
Native 64-Bit Subprogram Interface for MIPS Architectures
Fortran Implementation Differences
C Implementation Differences

3. Source Code Porting
64-Bit Fortran Porting Guidelines
64-Bit C Porting Guidelines
Fundamental Types for C
Assembly Language Coding Guidelines

4. Compilation Issues
Environment Variables
Command Line Switches
Optimization Switches of the 64-Bit Compilers
Compilation Messages
Linking Your Application

5. Runtime Issues
Runtime Differences
Extended MIPS Floating-Point Architecture
Application Bringup and Debugging

6. Performance Tuning for the R8000 and R10000
Architectural Overview
Software Pipelining
Matrix Multiply – A Tuning Case Study
Use of the IVDEP Directive
Vector Intrinsic Functions

7. Miscellaneous FAQ