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Table 1-1. Compile Options for Source File Format
Table 1-2. Compile Options to Control cpp
Table 1-3. Compile Options That Select Input Files
Table 1-4. Compile Options That Select Output Files
Table 1-5. Compile Options for Target Machine Features
Table 1-6. Compile Options for Memory Allocation and Alignment
Table 1-7. Compile Options for Debugging and Profiling
Table 1-8. Compile Options for Optimization Control
Table 1-9. Defaults for Optimization Levels
Table 1-10. Compile Options for Compiler Phase Control
Table 1-11. Preconnected Files
Table 2-1. Summary of System Interface Library Routines
Table 2-2. Floating-Point Precision
Table 3-1. Corresponding Fortran and C Data Types
Table 3-2. How mkf2c Treats Function Arguments
Table 4-1. Optimization Options
Table 5-1. Inlining and IPA Options
Table 5-2. Inlining and IPA Search Command Line Options
Table 5-3. Filename Extensions
Table 6-1. Directives Summary
Table 6-2. Assertions and Their Duration
Table 7-1. Summary of PCF Directives
Table A-1. Run-Time Error Messages
Table B-1. Forms of Integer Literal Values
Table B-2. Corresponding Intrinsic Procedures
Table B-3. Keywords Indicating Use of Unsupported Features