MIPSpro™ Fortran 90 Programmer's Guide

Document Number: 008-2761-001

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
What this Guide Contains
Additional Reading
Internet Resources for Fortran 90 Users
Conventions Used in This Guide

1. Compiling, Linking, and Running
Using the Driver
Using Macro Processing
Driver Options
Execution Environment

2. Implementation Details
Conformance to the Fortran 90 Language Standard
Support for IRIX Kernel Functions
Processor-Dependent Features

3. Linkage to Other Languages
External and Public Names
Correspondence of Fortran and C Data Types
How Fortran Passes Subprogram Parameters
Calling Fortran From C
Calling C From Fortran
Calling Assembly Language From Fortran

4. Controlling Scalar Optimization
Overview of Scalar Optimization
Controlling the Optimization Level
Enabling Loop Fusion
Setting Invariant IF Floating Limits
Controlling Variations in Round Off
Using Vector Intrinsic Functions
Using Aggressive Optimization
Controlling Internal Table Size
Performing Memory Management Transformations

5. Inlining and Interprocedural Analysis
Overview Inlining and IPA
Specifying Functions for Inlining or IPA
Specifying Occurrences for Inlining and IPA
Conditions That Prevent Inlining and IPA

6. Using Directives and Assertions
Overview of Directives
Using Directives
Overview of Assertions

7. Optimizing for Multiprocessors
Overview of Parallel Optimization
Parallel Execution
Writing Simple Parallel Loops
Analyzing Data Dependencies for Multiprocessing
Breaking Data Dependencies
Adjusting the Work Quantum
Cache Effects
Run-Time Control of Multiprocessing
DOACROSS Implementation
Using PCF Directives

8. Compiling and Debugging Parallel Fortran
Compiling and Running
Profiling a Parallel Fortran Program
Debugging Parallel Fortran

A. Run-Time Error Codes

B. Converting From Fortran 77
Differences in Source Format
Differences in Data Declaration
Differences in Intrinsic Procedures
Differences in I/O Processing