Message Passing Toolkit: PVM Programmer's Manual

Document Number: 007-3686-002

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1. Overview
The PVM Package
PVM on Silicon Graphics Systems
PVM Terminology and Scenarios

2. PVM Functionality
Multiple Computer Systems As a Virtual Machine
Applications and Environments
PVM Program Development
Data Types on UNICOS Systems
Data Types on UNICOS/mk Systems
Data Types on IRIX Systems
Environment Variables

3. UNICOS/mk Implementation
Features and Differences
Using Environment Variables to Change Default Settings
Buffer Memory Management
Out-of-resource Errors
Distributed Mode

4. Functions and Subroutines
Error Messages
Process Identifiers
PVM Include Files
Basic Operations
Task Control
Option Management
Dynamic System Configuration
Dynamic Task Group Management
Data Transmittal
Data Receipt
Barrier Synchronization
Global Operations
Error Handling

A. PVM Error Messages

B. PVM Man Pages