Message Passing Toolkit: MPI Programmer's Manual

Document Number: 007-3687-002

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1. Overview
MPI Overview
MPI Components
MPI Program Development

2. Building MPI Applications
Building Applications on UNICOS Systems
Building Applications on UNICOS/mk Systems
Building Applications on IRIX Systems

3. Using mpirun to Execute Applications
Syntax of the mpirun Command
Using a File for mpirun Arguments (UNICOS or IRIX)
Launching Programs on the Local Host Only
Launching a Distributed Program (UNICOS or IRIX)

4. Thread-Safe MPI
Query Functions
Exception Handlers
Internal Statistics

5. Multiboard Feature

6. Setting Environment Variables
Setting MPI Environment Variables on UNICOS and IRIX Systems
Setting MPI Environment Variables on UNICOS/mk Systems
Internal Message Buffering in MPI (IRIX Systems Only)

7. Launching Programs with NQE
Starting NQE
Submitting a Job with NQE
Checking Job Status with NQE
Getting More Information

8. MPI Troubleshooting
What does MPI: could not run executable mean?
How do I combine MPI with other tools?
How can I allocate more than 700 to 1000 MB when I link with libmpi?
Why does my code run correctly until it reaches MPI_Finalize(3) and then hang?
Why do I keep getting error messages about MPI_REQUEST_MAX being too small, no matter how large I set it?
Why am I not seeing stdout or stderr output from my MPI application?