Message Passing Toolkit: MPI Programmer's Manual

Document Number: 007-3687-002

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The MPI implementation for the CRAY T3E system is derived from the implementation of MPI for the CRAY T3D system developed at Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre. The software is supplied to Cray Research under license from The University of Edinburgh.

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Record of Revision

Revision 1.0January 1996 
Original Printing. This manual documents the Message Passing Toolkit implementation of the Message Passing Interface (MPI).

Revision 1.1August 1996 
This revision supports the Message Passing Toolkit (MPT) 1.1 release.

Revision 1.2January 1998 
This revision supports the Message Passing Toolkit (MPT) 1.2 release for UNICOS, UNICOS/mk, and IRIX systems.

Revision 1.3February 1999 
This revision supports the Message Passing Toolkit (MPT) 1.3 release for UNICOS, UNICOS/mk, and IRIX systems.