Programming on Silicon Graphics® Systems: An Overview

Document Number: 007-2476-003

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Table of Contents

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What This Guide Contains
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1. The IRIX Operating System
About the IRIX Operating System
Silicon Graphics Extras
Device Drivers
Writing an Application Program

2. IRIX Developer Documentation
A Documentation Roadmap
The IRIS Developer's Option
An Annotated List of Manuals

3. Compilers
C and C++
Fortran 77
The Parallelizing Compilers

4. User Interface Tools
X Window System
User Interface Toolkits
Indigo Magic Desktop Integration

5. Software Development Tools
Creating Executable Files
IRIX Tools for Debugging and Tuning Your Program
The CASEVision Programming Tools
Version Control and Configuration Management

6. Application Libraries
Graphics Libraries
ImageVision Library
IRIS Digital Media Development Environment
Printer/Scanner Management