Getting Started With Array Systems

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1. Array System Components
Array Components
Array Architecture
Distributed Management Tools
Job Execution Facilities
Compilation, Development, and Execution Facilities
Message-Passing Protocols

2. Using an Array
Using an Array System
Managing Local Processes
Managing Batch Jobs with NQE
Using Array Services Commands
Interrogating the Array
Managing Distributed Processes

3. Administering an Array
Using the IRISconsole Workstation
About Array Configuration
Configuring Arrays and Machines
Configuring Authentication Codes
Configuring Array Commands

4. Performance-Driven Programming in Array 3.0
Basic Array Application Tuning Strategy
Locality, Latency, and Bandwidth
Array Services Library

A. The RendAsunder Demo Program
Starting RendAsunder
The Graphics Window
The Controls Window
For More Information

B. Array Documentation Quick Reference