Fortran Language Reference Manual, Volume 3

Document Number: 007-3694-004

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

New Features

About This Manual
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Obtaining Publications
BNF Conventions
Reader Comments

1. Fortran Syntax
Syntax Form
Syntax Rules and Constraints

2. Decremental Features
Deleted Features
Obsolescent Features

3. Character Set

4. Extensions and Differences
Fortran 95 Standard Differences and Incompatibilities With FORTRAN 77 Implementations
CF90 extensions to Fortran 95
MIPSpro 7 Fortran 90 extensions to Fortran 95
CF90, MIPSpro 7 Fortran 90, and MIPSpro Fortran 77 Differences

5. Data Representation and Storage
Data Representation for UNICOS Systems
Data Representation for IRIX systems
Data Representation for UNICOS/mk Systems
Data Representation for CRAY T90 Systems That Support IEEE Floating-point Arithmetic
Storage Issues

6. Outmoded Features
Hollerith Type
Formatted I/O and Internal Files
Edit Descriptors
Type Declaration with Data Length
DATA Statement Features
IF Statements
TASK COMMON Statement (UNICOS Systems Only)
Nested Loop Termination
DOUBLE COMPLEX Statement (UNICOS Systems Only)
Bitwise Logical Expressions

7. CF90 Defined Externals
Conformance Checks
Record Length