Fortran Language Reference Manual, Volume 2

Document Number: 007-3693-005

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Table of Contents

New Features

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1. Input and Output (I/O) Processing
Records, Files, Access Methods, and Units
Data Transfer Statements
Execution Model for Data Transfer Statements
Error and Other Conditions in I/O Statements
OPEN Statement
CLOSE Statement
Inquiring About Files
File Positioning Statements
Restrictions on I/O Specifiers, List Items, and Statements

2. Input and Output (I/O) Editing
Explicit Formatting
Format Specifications
Character String Edit Descriptor Form
Formatted Data Transfer
File Positioning by Format Control
Numeric Editing
Logical Editing
Character Editing
Character Editing
Q Editing
Control Edit Descriptors
Character String Edit Descriptors
List-directed Formatting
Namelist Formatting

3. Program Units
Main Program
Internal Procedures
External Subprograms
Block Data Program Units

4. Using Procedures
Procedure Terms and Concepts
Procedure-related Statements
Pure Procedures
Elemental Procedures
Argument Association
Procedure Interfaces

5. Intrinsic Procedures
Intrinsic Procedure Terms and Concepts
Argument Keywords
Representation Models
Intrinsic Procedure Summary
Man Pages

6. Scope, Association, and Definition
Definition Status