IRIS FailSafe Programmer's Guide

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1. Introduction to IRIS FailSafe Programming
What Applications Can Be Highly Available Services in an IRIS FailSafe Cluster?
IRIS FailSafe Programming Steps
IRIS FailSafe System Software

2. Modifying the Configuration File for a New Highly Available Service
An Example of Configuration File Information for a New Highly Available Service
Adding a New Highly Available Service to the Configuration File
Choosing Parameters for a New Highly Available Service
Checking the Configuration File

3. Writing a Monitoring Script
Writing a Monitoring Script
Preparing to Write a Monitoring Script
Understanding the Monitoring Script Template
Defining Variables for New Block, Section, and Parameter Names
Using ha_cfginfo to Get Configuration File Information
Understanding the Function of the Monitoring Script check() Function
Executing a Command in a Monitoring Script

4. Writing a Failover Script
Writing a Failover Script
Preparing to Write a Failover Script
Understanding the Failover Script Template
Writing the Failover Functions
Executing a Command in a Failover Script

5. Installing and Testing Scripts
Naming and Installing Monitoring Scripts
Choosing the Execution Order of Failover Scripts for Each Operation
Installing Failover Scripts
Modifying Application Startup Procedures
Testing New Scripts

A. Names Used in Template Configuration Files
Block Names
Section Names
Parameter Names