Fortran 77 Programmer's Guide

Document Number: 007-0711-060

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

Corequisite Publications
Organization of Information
Typographical Conventions

1. Compiling, Linking, and Running Programs
Compiling and Linking
Driver Options
Object File Tools
Run-Time Considerations

2. Storage Mapping
Alignment, Size, and Value Ranges
Access of Misaligned Data

3. Fortran Program Interfaces
Fortran/C Interface
Fortran/C Wrapper Interface
Fortran/Pascal Interface

4. System Functions and Subroutines
Library Functions
Intrinsic Subroutine Extensions
Function Extensions

5. Fortran Enhancements for Multiprocessors
Parallel Loops
Writing Parallel Fortran
Analyzing Data Dependencies for Multiprocessing
Breaking Data Dependencies
Work Quantum
Cache Effects
Advanced Features
DOACROSS Implementation

6. Compiling and Debugging Parallel Fortran
Compiling and Running
Profiling a Parallel Fortran Program
Debugging Parallel Fortran
Parallel Programming Exercise

A. Run-Time Error Messages