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Table 1-1. CPU Modules and System Names
Table 1-2. Number of TLB Entries by Processor Type
Table 1-3. Cache Algorithm Selection
Table 4-1. VME Bus PIO Bandwidth
Table 4-2. EISA Bus PIO Bandwidth (32-Bit Slave, 33-MHz GIO Clock)
Table 4-3. EISA Bus PIO Bandwidth (16-Bit Slave, 33-MHz GIO Clock)
Table 4-4. VME Bus Bandwidth, DMA Engine, D32 Transfer
Table 5-1. Fields of the dsreq Structure
Table 5-2. Flag Values for ds_flags
Table 5-3. Return Codes From SCSI Operations
Table 5-4. SCSI Status Codes
Table 5-5. SCSI Message Byte Values
Table 5-6. Fields of the dsconf Structure
Table 5-7. dslib Function Summary
Table 5-8. Lookup Tables in dslib
Table 6-1. Functions for Outgoing External Signals
Table 6-2. Functions for Incoming External Interrupts
Table 8-1. Entry Points in Alphabetic Order
Table 8-2. Use of Driver Entry Points
Table 9-1. Functions to Manipulate Device Numbers
Table 9-2. Accessible Fields of buf_t Objects
Table 9-3. Header Files Often Used in Device Drivers
Table 9-4. Functions for Kernel Virtual Memory
Table 9-5. Functions for Allocating pollhead Structures
Table 9-6. Functions for Allocating buf_t Objects and Buffers
Table 9-7. Functions for Suballocation
Table 9-8. Functions for General Data Transfer
Table 9-9. Functions Moving Data Using uio_t
Table 9-10. Functions to Test Physical Addresses
Table 9-11. Functions to Manipulate a vhandl_t Object
Table 9-12. Functions to Convert Bytes to Sectors or Pages
Table 9-13. Functions Related to Physical Memory
Table 9-14. Functions to Map Buffer Pages
Table 9-15. Functions Related to Cache Coherency
Table 9-16. Functions for User Process Management
Table 9-17. Functions for Basic Locks
Table 9-18. Functions for Mutex Locks
Table 9-19. Functions for Sleep Locks
Table 9-20. Functions for Reader/Writer Locks
Table 9-21. Functions to Set Interrupt Levels
Table 9-22. Functions for Timed Delays
Table 9-23. Functions for Synchronizing Block I/O
Table 9-24. Functions for Synchronization: sleep/wakeup
Table 9-25. Functions for Synchronization: Synchronization Variables
Table 9-26. Functions for Semaphores
Table 10-1. Compiler Variables Tested by System Header Files
Table 10-2. Compiler Options for 32-Bit Kernel Modules
Table 10-3. Compiler Options for 64-Bit Kernel Modules
Table 11-1. Commands for Symbol Conversion and Lookup
Table 11-2. Commands to Control Execution
Table 11-3. Commands to Manage Virtual Memory
Table 11-4. Commands to Display Memory
Table 11-5. Utility Commands
Table 11-6. Commands to Display Memory and Symbols
Table 11-7. Commands to Display Process Information
Table 11-8. Commands to Display Locks and Semaphores
Table 11-9. Commands to Display I/O Status
Table 11-10. Commands to Display buf_t Objects
Table 11-11. Commands to Display STREAMS Structures
Table 11-12. Commands to Display Network-Related Structures
Table 13-1. Host Adapter Driver Classes
Table 13-2. Host Adapter Function Summary
Table 13-3. Input Fields of the scsi_request Structure
Table 13-4. Values for the sr_flags Field of a scsi_request
Table 13-5. Values Returned From a SCSI Command
Table 13-6. Software Status Values From a SCSI Request
Table 13-7. SCSI Status Bytes
Table 13-8. Host Adapter Status After a SCSI Request
Table 13-9. Adapter Error Codes
Table 13-10. Primary Sense Key Error Table
Table 13-11. Additional Sense Code Table
Table 13-12. SCSI State Error Messages
Table 14-1. Important Reference Pages Related to Network Drivers
Table 14-2. Mutual Exclusion Macros for ifnet Drivers
Table 15-1. PCI Interrupt Distribution to System Interrupt Numbers
Table 15-2. Functions for PIO Maps for PCI
Table 15-3. Least Significant Address Bytes for Short PIO
Table 15-4. Functions for Simple DMA Maps for PCI
Table 15-5. Functions for DMA Using Address-Length Lists
Table 15-6. Functions for Managing PCI Interrupt Handlers
Table 15-7. PCI-Related Kernel Functions
Table 16-1. Multiprocessing STREAMS Functions
Table 16-2. Kernel Entry Points
Table A-1. Driver Exported Names
Table A-2. Device Driver Interface Objects
Table A-3. STREAMS Driver Interface Objects
Table A-4. Kernel Functions