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Figure 1-1. CPU Access to Memory
Figure 1-2. CPU Access to Device Registers
Figure 1-3. Device Access to Memory
Figure 1-4. Device Access Through a Bus Adapter
Figure 1-5. The 32-Bit Address Space
Figure 1-6. MIPS 32-Bit Virtual Address Format
Figure 1-7. Main Parts of the 64-Bit Address Space
Figure 1-8. MIPS 64-Bit Virtual Address Format
Figure 1-9. Address Decoding for Physical Memory Access
Figure 3-1. Overview of Device Open
Figure 3-2. Overview of Device Control
Figure 3-3. Overview of Programmed Kernel I/O
Figure 3-4. Overview of Memory Mapping
Figure 3-5. Overview of DMA I/O
Figure 5-1. Bit Assignments in SCSI Device Minor Numbers
Figure 14-1. Overview of Network Architecture
Figure 15-1. PCI Bus In Relation to System Bus