ProDev™ WorkShop: Debugger User's Guide

Document Number: 007-2579-007

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1. WorkShop Debugger Overview
Main Debugger Features
Debugging with Fix+Continue
Debugging with the X/Motif Analyzer
Customizing the Debugger

2. Basic Debugger Usage
Getting Started with the Debugger
Suggestions for Debugging for Serial Execution of Scientific Programs

3. Selecting Source Files
How to Load Source Files
Path Remapping

4. Tutorial: The jello Program
Starting the Debugger
Run the jello Program
Perform a Search
Edit Your Source Code
Setting Traps
Examining Data
Exiting the Debugger

5. Setting Traps
Traps Terminology
Setting Traps
Setting Traps in the Trap Manager Window
Setting Traps by Using Signal Panel and System Call Panel

6. Controlling Program Execution
The Main View Window Control Panel
Controlling Program Execution Using the PC Menu
Execution View

7. Viewing Program Data
Traceback Through the Call Stack Window
Options for Viewing Variables
Evaluating Expressions

8. Debugging with Fix+Continue
Fix+Continue Functionality
Restrictions on Fix+Continue
Fix+Continue Tutorial

9. Detecting Heap Corruption
Typical Heap Corruption Problems
Finding Heap Corruption Errors
Heap Corruption Detection Tutorial

10. Multiple Process Debugging
Using the Multiprocess View Window
Debugging a Multiprocess C Program
Debugging a Multiprocess Fortran Program
Debugging a Pthreaded Program
Debugging an MPI Single System Image Application

11. X/Motif Analyzer
Introduction to the X/Motif Analyzer
Restrictions and Limitations
X/Motif Analyzer Tutorial

12. Customizing the Debugger
Customizing the Debugger with Scripts
DUMPCORE Environment Variable

A. Debugger Reference
Main View Window
Some Additional Views
Ada-specific Windows
X/Motif Analyzer Windows
Trap Manager Windows
Data Examination Windows
Machine-level Debugging Windows
Fix+Continue Windows
Debugger Command Line
Blocking Kernel System Calls

B. Using the Build Manager
Build View Window
Build Process Control Area
Transcript Area
Error List Area
Build View Admin Menu
Build Analyzer Window
Build Specification Area
Build Graph Area
Build Graph Control Area