MIPS Compiling and Performance Tuning Guide

Document Number: 008-2479-001

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
What This Guide Contains
What You Should Know Before Reading This Guide
Suggestions for Further Reading
Conventions Used in This Guide

1. About the Compiler System

2. Using the Compiler System
Object File Format and Dynamic Linking
Source File Considerations
Compiler Drivers
Getting Information About Object Files
Using the Archiver to Create Libraries

3. Dynamic Shared Objects
Benefits of Using DSOs
Using DSOs
Taking Advantage of QuickStart
Building DSOs
Runtime Linking
Dynamic Loading Under Program Control
Versioning of DSOs

4. Using the Performance Tools
Overview of Profiling
Profiling With prof
pc Sampling
Basic Block Counting
Profiling Multiprocessed Executables
Rearranging Procedures With cord

5. Optimizing Program Performance
Optimization Overview
Using the Optimization Options
Loop Optimization
Optimizing Separate Compilation Units
Optimizing Frequently Used Modules
Ucode Object Libraries
Improving Global Optimization

A. Position-Independent Coding in Assembly Language