C Language Reference Manual

Document Number: 007-0701-130

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1. An Overview of ANSI C
Helpful Programming Hints

2. C Language Changes
Preprocessor Changes
Changes in Disambiguating Identifiers
Types and Type Compatibility
Function Prototypes
External Name Changes
Standard Headers

3. Lexical Conventions
String Literals

4. Meaning of Identifiers
Disambiguating Names
Object Types
Objects and lvalues

5. Operator Conversions
Conversions of Characters and Integers
Conversions of Float and Double
Conversion of Floating and Integral Types
Conversion of Pointers and Integers
Conversion of unsigned Integers
Arithmetic Conversions
Conversion of Other Operands

6. Expressions and Operators
Precedence and Associativity Rules in C
Primary Expressions
Postfix Expressions
Unary Operators
Cast Operators
Multiplicative Operators
Additive Operators
Shift Operators
Relational Operators
Equality Operators
Bitwise AND Operator
Bitwise Exclusive OR Operator
Bitwise Inclusive OR Operator
Logical AND Operator
Logical OR Operator
Conditional Operator
Assignment Operators
Comma Operator
Constant Expressions
Integer and Floating Point Exceptions

7. Declarations
Storage Class Specifiers
Type Specifiers
Structure and Union Declarations
Enumeration Declarations
Type Qualifiers
Type Names
Implicit Declarations

8. Statements
Expression Statement
Compound Statement or Block
Selection Statements
Iteration Statements
Jump Statements
Labeled Statements

9. External Definitions
External Function Definitions
External Object Definitions

10. Multiprocessing Directives
OpenMP C/C++ API Multiprocessing Directives
Using Parallel Regions
Parallel Regions
Parallel Reduction Operations in C and C++
Restrictions for the C++ Compiler

11. Multiprocessing Advanced Features
Run-time Library Routines
Run-time Environment Variables
Communicating Between Threads Through Thread Local Data
Synchronization Intrinsics

12. Parallel Programming on Origin Servers
Performance Tuning of Parallel Programs on an Origin2000 Server
Types of Data Distribution
Affinity Scheduling
Directives for Performance Tuning on Origin2000
Query Intrinsics for Distributed Arrays
Optional Environment Variables and Compile-Time Options

13. The Auto-Parallelizing Option (APO)

A. Implementation-Defined Behavior
Translation (F.3.1)
Environment (F.3.2)
Identifiers (F.3.3)
Characters (F.3.4)
Integers (F.3.5)
Floating Point (F.3.6)
Arrays and Pointers (F.3.7)
Registers (F.3.8)
Structures, Unions, Enumerations, and Bitfields (F.3.9)
Qualifiers (F.3.10)
Declarators (F.3.11)
Statements (F.3.12)
Preprocessing Directives (F.3.13)
Library Functions (F.3.14)
Locale-Specific Behavior (F.4)
Common Extensions (F.5)

B. lint-style Comments

C. Built-in Functions