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This publication describes Fortran input/output (I/O) techniques for use on Cray Research and on Silicon Graphics systems. It also contains information about advanced I/O topics such as asynchronous queued I/O and logical record I/O. Information about the interaction of the I/O library and the Cray Research Fortran 90 compiler, CF90, is also discussed. The information in this manual is pertinent for UNICOS systems, UNICOS/mk systems, and IRIX systems.

This document also serves as an I/O optimization guide for Fortran programmers on UNICOS systems. It describes the types of I/O that are available, including insight into the efficiencies and inefficiencies of each, the ways to speed up various forms of I/O, and the tools used to extract statistics from the execution of a Fortran program.

Information which is marked as available on IRIX systems is available with the MIPSpro 7 Fortran 90 compiler and the MIPSpro Fortran 77 compiler when using the -craylibs option.

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[ ]

Brackets enclose optional portions of a command line.

In addition to these formatting conventions, several naming conventions are used throughout the documentation. “Cray PVP systems” denotes all configurations of Cray parallel vector processing (PVP) systems that run the UNICOS operating system. “Cray MPP systems” denotes all configurations of the CRAY T3E series that run the UNICOS/mk operating system. “IRIX systems” denotes Silicon Graphics platforms that run the IRIX operating system.

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