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Table 7-1. Fortran access methods and options
Table 9-1. Disk information
Table 12-1. Conversion routines for Cray PVP systems
Table 12-2. Conversion routines for Cray MPP systems
Table 12-3. Conversion routines for CRAY T90 systems
Table 12-4. Conversion routines for SGI (MIPS) systems
Table 12-5. Conversion types on Cray PVP systems
Table 12-6. Conversion types on Cray MPP systems
Table 12-7. Conversion types on CRAY T90/IEEE systems
Table 12-8. Conversion types on SGI IRIX (MIPS)
Table 12-9. Supported foreign I/O formats and default data types
Table 14-1. Data manipulation: blankx layer
Table 14-2. Supported operations: blankx layer
Table 14-3. -T specified on tpmnt
Table 14-4. Data manipulation: bmx/tape layer
Table 14-5. Supported operations: bmx/tape layer
Table 14-6. Data manipulation: bufa layer
Table 14-7. Supported operations: bufa layer
Table 14-8. Data manipulation: c205 layer
Table 14-9. Supported operations: c205 layer
Table 14-10. Data manipulation: cache layer
Table 14-11. Supported operations: cache layer
Table 14-12. Data manipulation: cachea layer
Table 14-13. Supported operations: cachea layer
Table 14-14. Data manipulation: cdc layer
Table 14-15. Supported operations: cdc layer
Table 14-16. Data manipulation: cos layer
Table 14-17. Supported operations: cos layer
Table 14-18. Data manipulation: er90 layer
Table 14-19. Supported operations: er90 layer
Table 14-20. Data manipulation: f77 layer
Table 14-21. Supported operations: f77 layer
Table 14-22. Data manipulation: global layer
Table 14-23. Supported operations: global layer
Table 14-24. Values for maximum record size on ibm layer
Table 14-25. Values for maximum block size in ibm layer
Table 14-26. Data manipulation: ibm layer
Table 14-27. Supported operations: ibm layer
Table 14-28. Data manipulation: mr layer
Table 14-29. Supported operations: mr layer
Table 14-30. Values for maximum record size
Table 14-31. Values for maximum block size
Table 14-32. Data manipulation: nosve layer
Table 14-33. Supported operations: nosve layer
Table 14-34. Data manipulation: sds layer
Table 14-35. Supported operations: sds layer
Table 14-36. Data manipulation: syscall layer
Table 14-37. Supported operations: syscall layer
Table 14-38. Data manipulation: text layer
Table 14-39. Supported operations: text layer
Table 14-40. Values for record size: vms layer
Table 14-41. Values for maximum block size: vms layer
Table 14-42. Data manipulation: vms layer
Table 14-43. Supported operations: vms layer