List of Examples

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Example 3-1. MS package use
Example 3-2. DR package use
Example 3-3. WA package use
Example 3-4. AQIO routines: compound read operations
Example 3-5. AQIO routines: error detection
Example 4-1. No EOF detection: writerd
Example 4-2. No EOF detection: readwt
Example 4-3. EOF detection: writerd
Example 4-4. EOF detection: readwt
Example 5-1. C I/O from Fortran
Example 6-1. local assign mode
Example 11-1. sds using buffer I/O
Example 11-2. Unformatted sequential sds example
Example 11-3. sds and mr with WAIO
Example 11-4. Unformatted direct sds and mr example
Example 11-5. sds with MS package example
Example 11-6. mr with buffer I/O example
Example 11-7. Unformatted sequential mr examples
Example 11-8. mr and MS package example
Example 12-1. Copy VAX/VMS tape file to disk
Example 12-2. Copy unknown tape type to disk
Example 12-3. Creating files for other systems
Example 12-4. Copying to UNICOS text files