Application Programmer's I/O Guide

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1. Introduction
The Message System

2. Standard Fortran I/O
Fortran Unit Identifiers
Data Transfer Statements
Auxiliary I/O
Private I/O on CRAY T3E Systems
Multithreading and Standard Fortran I/O

3. Fortran I/O Extensions
Random Access I/O Routines (Not Available on IRIX systems)
Word-addressable I/O Routines (Not Available on IRIX systems)
Asynchronous Queued I/O (AQIO) Routines (Not Available on IRIX systems)
Logical Record I/O Routines (Not Available on IRIX systems)

4. Tape and Named Pipe Support
Tape Support (Not Available on IRIX systems)
Named Pipes

5. System and C I/O
System I/O

6. The assign Environment
assign Basics
assign and Fortran I/O
The assign Environment File
Local assign

7. File Structures
Unblocked File Structure
Text File Structure
COS or Blocked File Structure
Tape/bmx File Structure (Not Available on IRIX systems)

8. Buffering
Buffering Overview
Types of Buffering

9. Devices
Disk Drives
Main Memory

10. Introduction to FFIO
Layered I/O
Using Layered I/O
Setting FFIO Library Parameters (UNICOS Systems Only)

11. Using FFIO
FFIO on IRIX systems
FFIO and Common Formats
Enhancing Performance
Sample Programs for UNICOS Systems

12. Foreign File Conversion
Conversion Overview
Transferring Data
Data Item Conversion
Foreign Conversion Techniques
Implicit Numeric Conversions (Cray PVP systems Only)

13. I/O Optimization
An Overview of Optimization Techniques
Determining I/O Activity
Optimizing System Requests
Optimizing File Structure Overhead
Minimizing Data Conversions
Minimizing Data Copying
Other Optimization Options
Optimization on UNICOS/mk Systems

14. FFIO Layer Reference
Characteristics of Layers
Individual Layers

15. Creating a user Layer
Internal Functions
user Layer Example

A. Older Data Conversion Routines
Old IBM Data Conversion Routines
Old CDC Data Conversion Routines
Old VAX/VMS Data Conversion Routine