Video Server Toolkit Installation and System Administration Guide

Document Number: 007-3622-003

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1. Setting Up the Hardware and the System
Supported Hardware
Hardware Installation
Initial System Administration

2. Setting Up Filesystems for Video Server Toolkit
Preparing for Logical Volume Creation
Setting Up Plexing
Configuring Non-Real-Time Filesystems
Using GRIO

3. Installing Video Server Toolkit
Preparing for Installation
Installing VST
Confirming the Installation

4. Configuring Video Server Toolkit
Configuring the Device Interface
Configuring System Defaults
Configuring Audio Support
Configuring VST for Control by Remote Devices (control-in.conf File)
Configuring VST to Control Other Devices (control-out.conf File)
Configuring the StudioCentral Interface
Mapping Physical Ports to Logical Port Names
Configuring for 625/50 Systems
Tuning the Operating System for VST (Setting the Maximum DMA Size)
Configuration Files

5. Configuring for Redundancy
IRIS FailSafe 1.2 and VST
Installing IRIS FailSafe 1.2 for VST
Configuring a Server for Clip Mirroring

6. Configuring and Using External Devices
Configuring and Using the Sony (P2) Protocol
Configuring VST to Control a VTR
Configuring VST for Control by the Louth Video Disk Communications Protocol
Using House Time-Code Readers With VST

7. Configuring and Using Vela and DVB-ASI Devices
Installing the Vela Research MPEG-2 Decoder
Installing and Configuring the DVB-ASI Adapter Board

8. Running VST
Starting and Stopping VST
Logging VST Events
Monitoring the System

9. Troubleshooting
625/50 Clips Do Not Play
Adding a Clip Takes Excessively Long
DIVO Is Left in Bad State
Crash: Semaphore Limit Exceeded
Crash: Audio Sync Problems When Audio Is Missing
Crash: Audio Source Lacking
Configuring for Booting From a Backup Plex
VST Crash Files

A. Video Server Toolkit Control Summary
System Controls
Device Controls

B. RS-422 Pinouts

C. Video Server Toolkit Man Pages