Performance Co-Pilot for ORACLE®   Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-3005-002

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About This Guide
What This Guide Contains
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1. Monitoring ORACLE Performance With PCP
PCP for ORACLE Requirements

2. Installation Instructions
PCP Collector Installation
PCP Monitor Installation
Upgrading an Existing Installation
Removing an Installation

3. Managing Multiple ORACLE Databases
Planning for Multiple Databases
Multiple Databases on One Database Server
Multiple Databases and Multiple Database Servers
Multiple ORACLE Homes on One System

4. ORACLE Response-Time Agent
Installing oraping
Customizing oraping

5. ORACLE Performance Visualization Tools
Graphing Performance With orachart
Monitoring Disk Performance With pmgora
Monitoring Response Time With pmgoraping

A. Abbreviated Installation Instructions
PCP Collector System
PCP Monitor System

B. Troubleshooting PCP for ORACLE
PMDA Cannot Connect to ORACLE
ORACLE Connection Errors
Cannot Find ORACLE Metrics
PMDA Starts but Later Stops Running