Origin200™ Owner's Guide

Document Number: 007-3415-002

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
Where To Find More Information
About the CD Software Media
Where to Go From Here

1. Overview of the Origin200 System
Installation Options: Tower and Rackmounting
Feature Summary
Logic Carrier
Internal Drive Options and SCSI Channels
Serial Ports
AUX Port
Parallel Port
Ethernet Port
Power Supply
Air Flow and Fans
Physical and Environmental Specifications

2. Setting Up an Origin200 System
Choosing a Location For the Server
Putting the Pieces Together
Turning On the System
Logging In For the First Time

3. Installing an Origin200 System in a Rack
Installing the Mounting Hardware on the Chassis
Installing a Chassis In the Rack
Removing a Server From an Equipment Rack

4. Using the Origin200 System
Front Panel Functions: Status LED, Power, Reset, NMI
Turning the System On and Off
Accessing Your Server Over the Web
Separating Two Modules
Using Another Computer or Workstation as the System Console
Using the AUX Port and Module System Controller Commands
Determining What Devices are Installed On Your Server
Removing the System Cover and Chassis Access Door
Locking the System
Adjusting the Feet

5. Installing and Removing Memory
Handling Precautions
About Origin200 Memory
Installing Memory
Verifying That Installed Memory Is Recognized By The System
Removing Memory

6. Installing and Removing PCI Option Boards
Handling Precautions
Installing a PCI Option Board
Removing a PCI Option Board

7. Installing and Configuring Peripherals
Installing, Removing, and Configuring 5.25-Inch Peripherals
Installing, Removing, and Configuring 3.5-Inch Peripherals
Verifying That A Drive Is Installed Correctly
Using Drives In the Origin200 Server
Attaching Serial Devices

8. Troubleshooting
Status LED Messages
Ethernet Status LED Messages
Checking the Power Supply

9. Replacing Internal Parts
Tools Required to Remove and Replace Components
Miscellaneous Fasteners
Removing and Replacing Internal Parts

A. Connector Pinout Assignments
Serial Ports
Parallel Port
Ethernet Port
AUX Port

B. Cable Descriptions
Serial Cables
AUX Port Cables

C. Supported Terminals