IRIX NetWorker
BusinesSuite Module for Oracle® (DMO) Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-3471-004

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Table of Contents

About This Guide
Audience for This Guide
Software Requirements
Documentation and Support

1. Module Components and Installation
The Importance of Backing Up Mission Critical Data
About the Database Module for Oracle
Installing the Oracle Enterprise Backup Utility
In Case of Disaster

2. NetWorker Functionality
NetWorker Backup Facility
NetWorker Recover Facility
How NetWorker Connects to Enterprise Backup Utility

3. Configuring the Software
Database Module for Oracle Configurations
The Oracle Backup Catalog
Setting Up the NetWorker Administrator List

4. On-Demand Backups
Performing On-Demand Backups Using the Enterprise Backup Utility
Creating Command Scripts
Performing Archived Redo Log Backups
Performing Catalog Backups

5. Scheduled Backups
Customizing the nsrdmo Script
NetWorker Backup Groups
NetWorker Backup Clients
Volume Pools
Using NetWorker Backup Schedules
Using NetWorker Policies
Testing Scheduled Backups
Stopping Scheduled Backups
Viewing the Results of a Backup

6. Restoring Data
Before Restoring Data
Recovering From Disaster
Restore and Recover Procedures

A. Environment Variables
NetWorker Database Module for Oracle

B. Error Messages
Enterprise Backup Utility Messages
NetWorker Error Messages
NetWorker BusinesSuite Module for Oracle Messages

C. Troubleshooting
Installation Procedures—Checklist
Administrator's Guide Chapter 3—Checklist
Administrator's Guide Chapter 4—Checklist
Administrator's Guide Chapter 5—Checklist
Additional Enterprise Backup Utility Environment Options

D. Shell Script Listing
nsrdmo Script