About This Guide

The configuration and administration of the IRIS FailSafe system software and its IRIS FailSafe NFS and IRIS FailSafe Webserver options are described in this guide, the IRIS FailSafe Administrator's Guide. The configuration of other IRIS FailSafe options, such as IRIS FailSafe Sybase®, IRIS FailSafe INFORMIX®, and IRIS FailSafe Oracle® is described in separate guides. They are listed in the section “Related Documentation,” below.

This guide was prepared in conjunction with Release 1.2 of the IRIS FailSafe product.


The IRIS FailSafe Administrator's Guide is written for the person who administers the IRIS FailSafe system. The IRIS FailSafe administrator must be familiar with the operation of CHALLENGE® or Origin servers, as well as optional CHALLENGE Vault or CHALLENGE RAID storage systems, whichever is used in the IRIS FailSafe configuration. Good knowledge of XLV and XFS is also required.

Structure of This Guide

IRIS FailSafe configuration and administration information is presented in the following chapters and appendices:

A glossary and an index complete this guide.

Related Documentation

Besides this guide, other documentation for the IRIS FailSafe system includes

  • IRIS FailSafe Programmer's Guide (007-3298-nnn)

  • IRIS FailSafe INFORMIX Administrator's Guide (007-3268-nnn, IRIS/FailSafe INFORMIX option)

  • IRIS FailSafe Oracle Administrator's Guide (007-3269-nnn, IRIS FailSafe Oracle option)

  • IRIS FailSafe Sybase Administrator's Guide (007-3306-nnn, IRIS FailSafe Sybase option)

Other documentation that provides information critical to the use of IRIS FailSafe is

  • IRIX Admin: Software Installation and Licensing (007-1364-nnn)

  • IRIX Admin: Disks and Filesystems (007-2825-nnn)

  • ONC3/NFS Administrator's Guide (007-0850-nnn)

  • CHALLENGE RAID Owner's Guide (007-2532-nnn)

The IRIS FailSafe reference pages are as follows:

  • ha_admin(1M)

  • ha_appmon(1M)

  • ha_cfgchksum(1M)

  • ha_cfginfo(1M)

  • ha_cfgverify(1M)

  • ha_exec(1M)

  • ha_hbeat(1M)

  • ha_ifa(1M)

  • ha_ifmx(1M) (IRIS FailSafe INFORMIX option)

  • ha_killd(1M)

  • ha_nc(1M)

  • ha_orcl(1M) (IRIS FailSafe Oracle option)

  • ha_spng(1M)

  • ha_sybs(1M) (IRIS FailSafe Sybase option)

  • http_ping(1M) (IRIS FailSafe Web option)

  • macconfig(1M)

  • ha.conf(4)

  • failsafe(7M)

Release notes are included with each IRIS FailSafe product. The names of the release notes are as follows:


Release notes for IRIS FailSafe


Release notes for IRIS FailSafe NFS


Release notes for IRIS FailSafe Web


Release notes for IRIS FailSafe Oracle


Release notes for IRIS FailSafe INFORMIX


Release notes for IRIS FailSafe Sybase

Conventions Used in This Guide

These type conventions and symbols are used in this guide:


Literal command-line arguments and literal parameter values


Command names, filenames, new terms, the names of inst subsystems, manual/book titles, variable command-line arguments, and variables to be supplied by the user in examples, code, and syntax statements

Fixed-width type  

Examples of command output that is displayed in windows on your monitor and of the contents of files

Bold fixed-width type  

Commands and text that you are to type literally in response to shell and command prompts


IRIX shell prompt for the superuser (root)