DMF Recovery and Troubleshooting Guide for IRIX® Systems

Document Number: 007-3682-004

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1. Introduction
The Need for dmaudit
When to Use dmaudit

2. Daemon Internals
Bfids and Bfid Sets
DMF Inode-Resident Data
DMF Daemon Database Contents
Migration Life-Cycle
Errors during Migration
Remigrating a File
Removing or Modifying a File
DMF Bfid State Summary

3. How dmaudit Detects Errors

4. Using dmaudit Interactively
Environment Variables
Page-Wait Mechanism

5. Setting the Initial Configuration
Providing a Working Directory
Specifying File Systems to Scan

6. Detecting Discrepancies
Snapshot Resource Requirements
Taking a Snapshot Interactively
Example of a Report with Discrepancies
Taking a Snapshot in Batch Mode

7. Examining and Correcting Discrepancies
Overview of the Correction Process
The inspect Menu
Fixing Bfid Sets for Which No User Files Exist
Fixing Files with Correctable Errors
Cleaning up Files with Unrecoverable Errors
Cleaning up Files with the Same Bfid but Different Sizes
Cleaning up Multiple Files with the Same Bfid and Size
Bfid Sets That Cannot Be Immediately Corrected
The apply Option

8. Changing the Configuration
The workdir Option
The filesys Option
The invalid Option
The dmfconf Option
The remove Option

A. dump Option Output