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Procedure 2-1. Configuration Steps
Procedure 2-2. Daemon Database Record Length Configuration
Procedure 2-3. Base Object Configuration
Procedure 2-4. Daemon Configuration
Procedure 2-5. Configuring the daemon_tasks Object
Procedure 2-6. Configuring the dump_tasks Object
Procedure 2-7. Configuring filesystem Objects
Procedure 2-8. Configuring Objects for Automated Space Management
Procedure 2-9. Configuring Objects for MSP Selection
Procedure 2-10. Configuring Tape MSPs
Procedure 2-11. Configuring the msp_tasks Object
Procedure 2-12. Configuring Devices for TMF
Procedure 2-13. Configuring DMF to Use OpenVault
Procedure 2-14. Creating MSP Database Records
Procedure 2-15. Configuring the ftp Object
Procedure 2-16. Configuring the dsk Object
Procedure 7-1. Recovering the Databases