Work Group Computing User's and Administrator's Guide

Document Number: 007-3484-001

Front Matter

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Table of Contents

1. About Work Group Computing
The Advantages of Work Group Computing
How Work Group Computing Works
Work Group Computing Administration
Using System Administration Tools

2. Filesystems and Files
Filesystem Administration
About Filesystems
Setting Up Shared Filesystems
Maintaining Filesystems
Administration Considerations
Backup and Recovery
Backup Strategies
General Backup Procedure

3. Installing and Setting Up Software
Overview of Software Installation
Making Installable Software Available to the Work Group
Installing Software Using the Software Manager
System Software Maintenance
Troubleshooting Software Installations

4. Software Licenses for Your Work Group
Overview of Software Licensing and Administration
Planning and Setting Up Your Licensing Scheme
The Licensing Process
Troubleshooting Concurrent Licenses

5. Identifying Your Work Group
About Work Group Identification
Setting Up NIS
Administering NIS

6. Peripheral Devices
About Peripheral Devices
Setting Up Peripheral Devices

7. Security
Overview of System Security
Components of Security
Security Checklists

8. Sharing Documentation
Overview and Benefits of Sharing Documentation
Setting Up DynaWeb for Your Work Group
Troubleshooting DynaWeb