VCP-Recorder Installation and System Administration Guide

Document Number: 007-3622-001

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I. Installing and Configuring VCP-Recorder

1. Installing VCP-Recorder
Supported Hardware
Pre-Installation Steps
Installing VCP-Recorder
Configuring VCP-Recorder
Confirming the Installation

2. Installing the Louth Automation Controller
Louth Video Disk Communications Protocol
Connecting the Louth Automation Controller to VCP-Recorder

3. Installing the Vela Research MPEG-2 Decoder
Hardware Requirements
Connecting the Vela Decoder
Configuring the Vela Decoder

4. Installing V-LAN Transmitters
Configuring the Hardware
Configuring the VCP-Recorder V-LAN interface

II. Managing VCP-Recorder

5. Starting and Stopping VCP-Recorder
Starting VCP-Recorder Manually
Starting VCP-Recorder at Boot Time
Starting and Stopping VCP-Recorder
Confirming the Start of VCP-Recorder
What Happens When VCP-Recorder Crashes

6. Logging
Configuring Logging
Logging Options
Managing Log Rollover
VCP-Recorder Log Messages

7. Managing Clips
VCP-Recorder Media Formats and Types
Adding Clips
Removing Clips
Exporting VCP-Recorder Clips

8. Monitoring the System
IRIX Tools