About This Guide

About this documentation

The documentation for SoftWindows for UNIX is provided in two guides:

  • This Administrator's Guide describes how to install and set up SoftWindows, and configure it to take advantage of specific features of your UNIX installation. It is designed for use by advanced users, and assumes familiarity with UNIX.

  • A separate User's Guide provides information about using SoftWindows on a UNIX workstation.

  • An on-line version of these guides is available from the SoftWindows Help menu.

About the Administrator's Guide

Administration Overview

The SoftWindows 95 Administrator's Guide consists of the following chapters. Click on the chapter title to go there.


For clarity, this guide uses the following conventions:

  • Linked references to other sections in the book are colored blue.

  • Steps in a procedure are numbered.


This guide uses the following abbreviations:

Table 1. Abbreviations

This abbreviation

Refers to this


SoftWindows 95 version 4 for UNIX workstations


Insignia Solutions


Microsoft Disk Operating System for the IBM PC


An Intel-based computer


Microsoft Windows 95

Technical support

Insignia Solutions is committed to helping you get the most out of your software. As a registered customer of Insignia Solutions you are entitled to free warranty support for your Insignia products.

Insignia Solutions offers various types of product support programs beyond the initial 30 days of free warranty technical support. In addition to providing technical support, these support programs include options to automatically receive product upgrades and maintenance releases when they become available.

Before you call technical support please follow this pre-call checklist so that our technicians can help you as effectively and efficiently as possible:

  1. Consult the documentation included with your product. It should provide answers to the majority of your questions.

  2. Have your software serial number available when you call.

    To display your serial number, run SoftWindows as root and choose Licensing from the Actions menu. If you are using a license server on another workstation, look in the appropriate license file on that workstation to see the SoftWindows serial number. This is identified by a line beginning with Insignia_SoftWindows 95, version 4.0, and it is a set of 16 characters in groups of four; for example, 1234 5678 1234 5678.

  3. Prepare the following information, which may be helpful:

Host computer

  • Workstation model, memory, and keyboard type.

  • Operating system version.

  • Printer type and interface, if the problem relates to printing.

  • Networking information.

SoftWindows configuration

  • The SoftWindows settings, as contained in your .swinconfig file.

  • Listings of AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS.


  • The application name and version number.

  • Any error messages produced by either SoftWindows or the application.

  • Details of where the application was running from; for example, floppy disk drive, hard disk file, or FSA drive.

  • Whether the drive is local or on a network.

  • Whether the problem is repeatable or random.

Technical support


Phone: (408) 327-6500
Fax: (408) 327-6343
Fax response: : (408) 327-6295 or (800) 876-3872
Internet: [email protected]
World Wide Web: http://www.insignia.com/

Technical support is available from 6am through 5pm, PST, Monday through Friday.

Europe, Middle East, Africa, and CIS countries

Phone:+44 131 451 6900
Fax:+44 131 451 6910
Internet: [email protected]

Technical support is available from 9am through 5pm, UK time, Monday through Friday.

In other countries support is provided through the authorized dealer in your country.

Software registration

Software registration is the key to receiving the full benefits of Insignia Solutions' customer services. Please be sure to fill out and mail the Warranty Registration Card.

Periodically, Insignia Solutions will make available upgrade/update versions of certain programs at a modest charge to registered customers. As a registered customer, you will be notified by Insignia of upgrades/updates.

As a registered user, you will have full access to Insignia's customer service and technical support organizations.

Media replacement

Replacement CD-ROMs are available only if your Warranty Registration Card is on file. A charge will apply in some circumstances.

Please contact our technical support organization to verify defective media. For information on how to contact us, refer to “Technical support.”

Product upgrades

To upgrade your Insignia product, contact our sales and customer services representatives at the numbers listed below:


Phone: 800-848-7677 or (408) 327-6599
Fax: (408) 327-6272
Internet: [email protected]

Customer service is available from 6am through 5pm, PST, Monday through Friday.

Europe, Middle East, Africa, and CIS countries

Phone numbers:

UK: 0800 667706
France: 0590 8201
Germany: 0130 81 40 90
Italy: 1678 77164
Netherlands: 060 225531
Sweden: 020 791480
Rest of region: +44 131 458 6849
Fax: +44 131 451 6981
Internet: [email protected]

or contact your local software supplier.

Customer service is available from 9am through 5pm, UK time, Monday through Friday.

In other countries customer service is provided through the authorized dealer in your country.

On-line help

When SoftWindows is running, on-line help is available from the Help menu, and from the Help button provided on most dialog boxes.

By default, choosing help provides access to on-line versions of the SoftWindows 95 for UNIX Administrator's Guide and User's Guide from the Help menu.

You can also access the on-line help before SoftWindows is installed by running it directly from the CD-ROM. To do this, mount the CD-ROM on your UNIX machine.

For more information refer to Chapter 3, “Installation.”.

  1. Ensure that the DISPLAY environment variable is set up correctly.

  2. Type the following command:


When you run the help directly from the CD-ROM it opens the SoftWindows 95 for UNIX Administrator's Help at the Installation section.

Note: When running help from the CD-ROM it is not possible to access printing.

For more information

In addition to the information provided in the SoftWindows 95 for UNIX User's Guide and SoftWindows 95 for UNIX Administrator's Guide, Insignia Solutions also provides SoftWindows technical information via Insignia's World Wide Web server on the Internet and Insignia's fax response service.

Insignia's World WideWeb server

Insignia Solutions' Technical Support Group is pleased to report that Insignia's World Wide Web server is now serving customers over the Internet

The server can be connected as:


This server is maintained by Insignia Solution's Technical Support Group to provide the most up-to-date information on SoftWindows for UNIX subjects such as printing, container files, FSA drives, the SoftWindows licensing system, networking, and the use of peripheral devices under UNIX.

Insignia's fax response service

Insignia provides a fax response service for users who do not have access to the Internet. Users can request a subset of the documents found on Insignia's World Wide Web server using a touch tone telephone, fax machine, and Insignia's fax back server.

To use the fax response service, call the following telephone number using a touch-tone phone:

Toll-Free: 800-876-3872 (only in USA)
Toll: (408) 327-6295

Silicon Graphics information sources

Silicon Graphics provides a number of different sources of information about SoftWindows, including the following Web pages:

Microsoft information sources

For more information about setting up MS-DOS and Microsoft

Windows we recommend the following resources:

  • Compuserve (GO MSWIN).

  • Microsoft's FTP server (ftp.microsoft.com).

  • Microsoft's Web server (http://www.microsoft.com).

  • Microsoft Windows Resource Kit, which provides administrator-level Microsoft Windows-specific information.