SoftWindows 95 for UNIX Administrator's Guide  (Version 4 of SoftWindows 95)

Document Number: 007-3221-005

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About This Guide
About this documentation
About the Administrator's Guide
Administration Overview
Technical support
On-line help
For more information

1. Introduction
SoftWindows: PC compatibility for UNIX workstations
New features in SoftWindows 95

2. Installation requirements
System software
Disk space
Swap space
Floppy disk drives
CD-ROM drive
Network devices

3. Installation
About Installing and Upgrading
Installing and Upgrading SoftWindows
Before you install
Installing SoftWindows
Upgrading from SoftWindows 2.0
Licensing SoftWindows
Setting up SoftWindows for each user

4. Setting up SoftWindows
SoftWindows Setup
Restarting SoftWindows
Setting up memory
Setting up drives
Setting up hard disk files
Setting up FSA drives
Setting up floppy disk drives
Setting up the CD-ROM
Setting up the display
Setting up audio devices
Setting up keyboards
MS-DOS configuration

5. Additional installation information
Upgrading a SoftWindows 2.0 hard disk file
Upgrading Windows 3.11 to Windows 95
Deinstalling SoftWindows
Software installed by the installation procedure
Files installed on the SoftWindows hard disk
Default FSA drive configuration

6. SoftWindows licensing
Licensing SoftWindows
The FLEXlm licensing system
Using FLEXlm
Modifying SoftWindows licenses
Licensing SoftWindows with other products using FLEXlm
License administration tools
Hostids for FLEXlm-supported machines

7. SoftWindows configuration
Configuring SoftWindows
SoftWindows configuration file
X resource configuration

8. Tuning the performance of SoftWindows
Installation Option 1
Installation Option 2
Installation Option 3
Installation Option 4
Installation Option 5
Installation Option 6
Memory considerations
Display considerations
Other factors

9. Advanced installation options
Running SoftWindows on a second workstation
Creating Symbolic links to the hard disk data file
Running SoftWindows in secure mode

10. Networking with SoftWindows
Networking with Windows 95
Advanced Topics

11. Windows licensing and MS-DOS applications
Licensing Windows and MS-DOS applications
Setting up application licensing
Generating application licenses

12. Reference
Environment variables
Command line options
PC utilities and device drivers
UNIX utilities

13. Error messages