This guide is directed to system administrators who configure, operate, and maintain the Silicon Graphics® IRIS® SNA SERVER with the VT100 interface. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the IRIS SNA SERVER Administration Guide.

Using This Guide

The IRIS SNA VT100 Interface Guide is organized into these chapters:

Chapter 1 

“IRIS SNA Menu Programs” describes the two types of screens in the IRIS SNA menu programs.

Chapter 2  

“IRIS SNA SERVER Menus and Operation” describes the menu options of the server and provides instructions for running the network configuration program and the network operation program.

Chapter 3 

“Getting Started with LU 6.2” gets you started using the IRIS SNA LU 6.2 optional product. It presents a non-technical Quickstart that demonstrates how to use the menus to perform basic tasks.

Chapter 4 

“IRIS SNA LU 6.2 Menu Options” is a reference guide to the IRIS SNA LU 6.2 menu options.


Within text, file names, commands, command arguments, and parameters are shown in italics.

Command syntax descriptions and examples appear in typewriter font.

User input and keyboard commands appear in bold typewriter font. API verb names are shown in bold face.

Related Documentation

This guide is part of a three-volume set that includes:

  • IRIS SNA SERVER Administration Guide

  • IRIS SNA SERVER Programming Guide

In addition, the following reference materials from Silicon Graphics and IBM® provide supplementary information on topics covered in the this guide.

Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Token Ring Administration Guide

IRIS SNA LU 6.2 Programming Guide

IRIS SNA 3270 Administrator's Guide

IRIS SNA 3770 Administrator's Guide

International Business Machines (IBM order numbers follow title)

Systems Network Architecture Concepts and Products (GC30-3072)

Systems Network Architecture Technical Overview (GC30-3073)

An Introduction to Advanced Program-to-Program Communication (GG24-1584)

Systems Network Architecture Transaction Programmer's Reference Manual for
LU Type 6.2

Systems Network Architecture Format and Protocol Reference Manual: Architecture Logic for LU Type 6.2 (SC30-3269)

Systems Network Architecture Network Product Formats (LY43-0081)

Synchronous Data Link Control Concepts (GA27-3093)

Systems Network Architecture Reference Summary (GA27-3136)

Token Ring Network Architecture Reference (SC30-3374)

Product Support

Silicon Graphics provides a comprehensive product support and maintenance program for IRIS products. For further information, contact the Technical Assistance Center.