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Table 2-1. Display Configuration Field Information
Table 2-2. Values for the Local Node Option
Table 2-3. Values for the Define Remote Node Option
Table 2-4. Values for the Define Line Option
Table 2-5. Values for the Define Station Option
Table 2-6. Value Descriptions for the Define Secondary LU
Table 2-7. Values for the Define Local LU Option
Table 2-8. Values for Define Remote LU Option
Table 2-9. Values for the Define Mode Option
Table 2-10. Values for the Define Partner Option
Table 2-11. Values for the Define Transaction Program Option
Table 2-12. Configuration Editor Screen Prompts
Table 2-13. Message Logging Settings
Table 2-14. Prompts for Start Link Trace
Table 2-15. Prompts for the Display Link Trace Option
Table 2-16. Prompts for Printing Link Trace Output
Table 2-17. Core Programs
Table 4-1. File Transfer Parameters
Table 4-2. IBM File Transfer Parameters
Table 4-3. Remote LU Parameters